Welcome πŸ‘‹

Hi, I'm David. Welcome to my digital garden, a collection of my personal notes.

My personal notes are constantly evolving, and so will this digital garden 🌱🌿🌳.
It is currently in a very early stage and I have only made a few seeds (notes) visible to the public. At the moment I use it as a playground, but I hope that it will soon become a magnificent garden ✨.

Based on the following ideas and concepts:

My notes are written primarily for me! The content and the structure of the whole garden will definitely change over time.

I try to write my notes in English. However, there are some notes or some parts of a note that are written in German. Therefore, my digital garden is a weird mix of English and German notes.

You can find some statistics about my vault here.

Currently I'm working primarily on my master thesis.

Entry points:

Main Website

My main website is located at https://www.davidkopp.de.

Legal Notice

David Kopp
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Stuttgart, Germany

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You can send an email to mail at davidkopp dot de

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