Green Software


Green software is part of Sustainable Computing / Green IT.

Green software can be divided into multiple aspects:

  • Energy-efficient β†’ consume the least amount of electricity possible
  • Resource-efficient β†’ use the least amount of resources possible (including embodied carbon)
  • Carbon-aware β†’ do more when the electricity is cleaner and do less when the electricity is dirtier


bener.etal.2014.greensoftware (comment) (pg. 3)

Greening in software aims to reduce the environmental impact caused by the software itself. [...] Green specifications provide a way to indicate a service’s carbon footprint and eventually specify operational constraints to allow more flexibility during service provisioning.

Why does it matter?

Software engineers social and environmental responsibility


Divided by aspect:

Divided by role:

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πŸ”— References

What is green software? - DCD